The most expensive iPhone 6 costs $3.5 million

The iPhone 6 might very well be the most bedazzling smartphone of the year and not just because every high-end vendor offers it up with all kinds of luxurious metals, stones et al, but because it seems like more of consumers seem to prefer this phone to the others… if it’s all bling-ed out. The latest customization comes from Goldgenie who is in the business of giving Apple’s handset a cosmetic change of luxurious proportions – enter their Diamond Ecstasy Collection. What better way to tell the little lady just how much you love her than with her best friends all neatly nestled across a 24K Gold (or Rose Gold or Platinum, the choice is yours, or hers as it may be) surface of Apple’s latest mobile masterpiece?

iphone6-diamond-ecstasy-gold-2Dubbed as the most expensive iPhone 6 (so far) a fully tricked out Diamond Ecstasy handset could go for as high as $3.5 million. And let me tell you why – the most expensive in the collection (and, like I said, on a global scale) could come with a choice of precious metal, a smattering of diamonds (white, pink or black or all together), a sprinkle of precious stones like sapphires, corundum, topaz, emeralds, rubies, tourmalines and tanzanite and a personal message engraved onto the surface.

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iphone6-diamond-ecstasy-gold-3The best part (and yes it does get better) is that each device can be customized so that no two devices in the collection would be the same. Each handset ordered will be unique in styling according to what a customer wants. You can also choose what gems or material you’d like the device in.

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This is just the latest addition to the existing trend of customized, luxurious, limited edition iPhones. Just a little while ago the world’s only 7 star hotel i.e. Dubia’s Burj Al Arab commissioned 15 yellow and Black gold iPhone 6 devices to commemorate their 15th anniversary. And last year Alibaba’s Jack Ma got his bling on with a $2 million gold plated, Brazilian Gold Imperial Topaz encrusted iPhone 6.

So whip out those check books or credit cards gents and get ready for the long numbers – the price of each limited edition handset will of course vary based on the level of customization and materials used in its design. The base model could cost you no more than $15,200.

[Via – Goldgenie]

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