Made from precious metals and costing upto $26,000, these custom iPhone 13 Pro’s are inspired by Rolex watches and even have meteorites embedded in them.

Are you truly debonair if you have a Rolex to flaunt, a supercar to drive, and a run-of-the-mill phone case for your newest iPhone 13 Pro Max to water down all your efforts? That is precisely why brands like Caviar exist, to make even the most ordinary objects, case in point, a phone case seem like you own something truly spectacular, which in reality you do! Caviar is no stranger to dishing out uber-expensive phone cases that cost multiple times more than the device itself, but for the newest iPhone 13, the brand has outdone itself. Various Rolex watch models inspire the latest collection of luxury cases for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. There are five variations available that will make the choice tougher compared to choosing between the latest iPhone 13 versions.

Yacht Club, Olive Rays, Dark Sky, Meteorite, and Benvenuto, are all inspired by iconic Rolex watches and are limited to only 99 units. If I had to pick them in order of preference, it would be Olive Rays on the number one spot with a stunning sunburst pattern reminiscent of a watch face.

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The variant takes inspiration from the Rolex Datejust collection and flaunts gold-plated metal links. A close second is the Yacht Club phone case which takes inspiration from Rolex Yacht-Master II. With its bronze-titanium panel and a pink-on-blue watch bezel, you will be staring at the back of the phone more often than you’d think.

The Dark Sky case comes with black stained oak with gold-plated metal for those with an unshakable love for black. Some of you might guess it takes after the Rolex Sky-Dweller. Next in line is the Meteorite case inspired by the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. As the name gives away, this phone case actually incorporates natural meteorite material on the top part of the case, while the bottom is polished titanium with black PVD coating surrounding a carbon fiber panel.

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The most luxe variant of the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models is the Benvenuto case based on the Rolex Cellini. This stunner-of-a-case is crafted also flaunts a captivating sunburst pattern engraved into 18-karat white gold and topped with 18-karat rose gold decoration. Complementing the gold elements perfectly is the addition of genuine crocodile leather in brown.

The superlative Benvenuto case starts at a staggering price tag of around $25,000. In comparison, its other counterparts will be available for approximately $6,000-$8,500 depending on whether you want an iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max.

[Available on Caviar Via: GSMarena]

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