If Tesla would make a case for the iPhone X it would be like this

After the official launch of iPhone X last year, Russian luxury accessory maker Caviar showcased a custom version of Apple’s flagship smartphone named “Tesla” that featured a solar panel on the backplate. The luxury brand, it seems, has finally begun sales of the customized iPhone X that carries a price tag of $4500. What’s interesting is that the solar panel is not built into the iPhone X’s body, as the earlier design renderings suggested, but rather it’s an iPhone case with gold trimmings, a solar panel and made out of carbon fiber. This has resulted in quite an increase of the phone’s width – the iPhone X Tesla measures a whopping 16.2 millimeter as opposed to the 7.7 mm of the standard variant.

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The case uses the solar panel to charge a second battery for additional juicer. Caviar claims the case is both shock-resistant and rated to IP67 water and dust resistance. The very first iPhone X Tesla case has the engraving, “Made on Earth by Humans,” in honor Elon Musk’s successful attempt to send a Tesla Roadster into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket back in February. Limited to only 999 units, each of the iPhone X Tesla models will be individually numbered.

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