A Russian company has made a self-charging iPhone X that costs $4,500

After introducing a mink fur wrapped iPhone X a few months back, Russian luxury customization brand Caviar has come up with another extravagant variant of Apple’s flagship smartphone. However, it is a little different because the customization is not limited to aesthetic decorations. In fact, Caviar adopted a very functional approach while adding the modifications to the iPhone X. The luxury brand’s newest offering has solar panels built into the back panel which charges the phone whenever it is exposed to sunlight or even electric lamps. The model is called the Caviar iPhone X Tesla uses and company says the inspiration for the phone came from three historic creators: Ilona Mask, Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs.

Unlike the other extravagant smartphone customizations by Caviar, the Russian luxury brand went with a minimalist design for the iPhone X Tesla. It is enclosed in a titanium case with gold trim, which increases the protection of the phone’s internals. There is no word on the launch date but the Caviar iPhone X Tesla is priced at 259,000 rubles (about $4500 USD). We don’t know how well the company has been able to execute the idea, and there is no information on how fast it charges the battery, but the modification has sure ruined the eye-catching rear glass panel of the iPhone X. What do you think? Would you want your phone to have wireless charging or rather would you go for a self-charging smartphone for an additional three grand?

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