Cavair’s gold-plated iPhone Orthodox recreates Rublev’s trinity

Homages paid by gizmos are more relevant than holy pictures and frames, in this day and age. Simply because we are more glued to our cellphones and laptops, rather than our personal diaries, which are soon to become extinct. Cavair has identified this and has released the iPhone Orthodox. The jewelry brand uses the iconic device to portray the excellent work of art by Andrei Rublev, known as ‘the Trinity’.

While a representative from the company did well to steer the design through possible objections from those more religiously inclined, we must admit that the depiction is beautiful to both, the spiritual and the artistic. The jewelers involved in the development of the iPhone Orthodox employed volumetric techniques to engrave the gold plate that can be found on the rear panel of the phone. The main imagery is adorned by a Slavic pattern of the specimen XIV. The phone retails for about 157,000 Roubles ($3128). The phone will come with 128GB memory.

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“For Orthodox representatives, the image of the Holy Trinity … could be something that mystically protects owners of the phone,” experts from the guild of experts on religion said. “From a Christian point of view, believing owners can pray before the icon, and realising the need to lead a Christian way of life, will refrain from using swear words, committing evil and speaking about evil things.” The makers will continue developing other such pieces, targeted at other faiths. Bless them!

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