Gold, diamonds and platinum the 5 most expensive iPhones (6/6S) in the world

Diamonds may be forever, but gold never goes out of style! From sheikhs to heiresses, everyone seems to want to flaunt their wealth with a well-placed glimmering gold accessory. These days, jewelry is passé, instead it is smartphones that are dressed in precious metals. Some like it gold plated, some prefer trendier white or rose golds and for those who love having all eyes on them, a sprinkling of diamonds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO or celebrity, if you want a flashy phone let your next purchase be one of these extravagant, blinged out phones that command attention everywhere you take them!

Gold & Co. Basic iPhone
5. Gold & Co. Basic iPhone, Prices start at $5,000
UAE clients seem to adore this brand and its customizations as their 24 carat gold iPhone 6 was overbooked soon after its launch. The brand has offered yellow, rose and black gold iPhone 6 and 6Plus models in the past and has a long list of celebrity clients, so long in fact that a slew of UAE royal family members were waitlisted (gasp!). Prices start at $5000 for a “basic” gold plated model and can climb as high as $130,000 for a phone encrusted with VS diamonds.

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Alligator Black 5 by Feld & Volk
4. Feld and Volk jewelry iPhone 6s with alligator skin, Prices start at $5000
Feld and Volk’s designs are a little edgier featuring rock and roll crocodile leather and gold details. You can choose from an “Alligator Black” model with solid 18K yellow gold and black screen or with solid 18K white gold and a white screen. We love the chic contrast of the black leather against the gold Apple logo and buttons. When you’re carrying this phone, you can forgo the expensive clutch and flaunt the phone instead!

Gold & Co. Basic iPhone
3. Goldgenie New Gold iPhone 6s Plus Diamond RockStar Limited Edition, $14,366 (approx.)
This gilded smartphone includes 800 VS1 brilliant cut diamonds that glitter along the side edge of the phone and the Apple logo on the back. Black lines add a stark contrast and accentuate the shine of the gems. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up an instrument in your life, Goldgenie’s iPhone will certainly make you feel like a rockstar!

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iphone 6s solid gold by goldstriker
2. Goldstriker iPhone 6S 24 ct gold edition, $26,073 (approx.)
Goldstriker doesn’t believe in messing with good design, that’s why they’ve simply recreated the iPhone’s original exterior in solid gold. Their design uses about 152 grams of 24ct gold and has been precisely polished for a sleek and refined look. This version was a limited edition of 100 pieces. We’ll be waiting to see what they have in store for the iPhone 7!

1. Brikk Lux iPhone 6s Plus Diamond Omni, $199,995
You can have this decadent design made in yellow gold, rose gold or even platinum if you like! It features two layers of the chosen precious metal which coat the original device. The parts of the phone are then hand polished and assembled. A diamond studded version is available featuring micro pave set diamonds that cover the entire back of the phone as well as Brikk’s septagon logo. You may know that Brikk is already offering customized designs for the iPhone 7.

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