Rolls-Royce Phantom with pure gold trimmings is fit for King Midas

For those who’ve driven a Rolls Royce and owned one, or simply gazed upon one, dreaming to saddle on to it someday, you probably might have smelled the luxury reeking out of this set of wheels. Turkish designer Timur Bozca struck upon a mind block, trying to turn the already-luxurious Rolls Royce into a super-luxurious car, unlike any the world has ever seen before and has very well done just that! Bozca pulled out a stock Rolls Royce Phantom car and gave it a skin that has made it both unique, as well as extremely expensive! The car’s grille and rimes, badging, and plate casing are all made of pure gold, while the interiors sport a whole lot more of the same.

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And nothing gets better than a gold and black color scheme after all, giving this car all the sophistication and jaw-dropping beauty it requires, making a high-tech chariot for royalty.