Gold Christmas tree unveiled to mark the 110th anniversary of Walt Disney at Ginza Tanaka, Tokyo

Its yellow Christmas in Japan as Ginza Tanaka once again stuns shoppers and onlookers with a $4.24 million gold Christmas tree. Standing tall at 2.4-meter, this solid gold tree commemorates the 110th anniversary of Walt Disney at Ginza Tanaka store. Calling out to all Disney fans, this 40 kg “Disney gold Christmas tree” is decked with Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, etc. Trimmed with gold ornaments, the tree revolves on a carousel which offers a detailed view to everybody. Though it has not surpassed last year’s gold tree in height, the 2012 Disney Gold Christmas tree’s weight is more than three times and its price is more than double in comparison. The Disney elements on this dazzling cute X’mas tree will thrill kids as much as grown ups.



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