Will the iPhone 8 Be the Ultimate Luxe Device?

While Apple’s iPhone 7 wasn’t necessarily a sure fire hit at launch, recent reports show that after 3 straight quarters of decline and easing concerns, Apple is set to post record iPhone 7 sales.

Apple had just posted its first annual fall in revenues and profits for 15 years in October as iPhone sales dropped for the first time and iPad sales continued to decline.

While the iPhone 7 is quickly becoming the phone to have for all discerning individuals, Apple are quietly busying themselves developing the iPhone 8. What do we know so far about the tech giant’s new handset?

The rumours are that there will be at least one version of the phone with a super-advanced screen, no home button and wireless charging. Will it be the phone to have for those of us that like the finer things in life?

The big rumour that’s currently flying round is that Apple will launch 3 versions of its flagship phone, with one featuring a new 5-inch handset. This new phone will be a radical redesign for the iPhone’s 10-year anniversary with 2 models featuring standard LCD displays, and one premium model with a curved edge OLED display. The 3 handset sizes are rumoured to be 5.5 inches, 5 inches, and 4.7 inches.

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According to a source in the supply chain:

‘Apple has tentatively decided that all the 5.5-inch, 5-inch and 4.7-inch models will have glass backs, departing from metal casings adopted by current iPhones, and Biel and Lens are likely to be providing all the glass backs for the new iPhones next year.’

There’s no doubting that this will look and feel fantastic, but in addition, it gives the phone the ability to charge wirelessly. Nobody likes wires, so will 2017 be the year that wireless charging becomes the new premium?

One big repercussion of a curved or “wrap around” screen is that the phone’s screen will need to be edge to edge. This means that Apple will need to integrate any forward–facing functionality – such as the front camera and the Touch ID button – directly into the display. It also means that Apple’s long-standing Home button could disappear from the new phone, too! This would be a bold move for the company, but after the removal of the headphone port from the iPhone 7, we wouldn’t put it past them.

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We also know that Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, has explained that he wants an iPhone that ultimately looks like a ‘a single sheet of glass’. This is unsurprising, given the design of the beautiful new Apple headquarters, which Ive helped to design, and which is set to feature the largest pieces of curved glass in the world.

All of this means that Apple’s new handset will be more minimalistic and secure, with fewer moving parts to go wrong.

So, will the iPhone 8 be the phone to beat for discerning tech individuals? It very well might be, if all the rumours above are true. After the not-so-revolutionary iPhone 7, customers are ready for a new premium, transformative handset from the world’s best innovators, and unsurprisingly, so are the networks. SIM-only networks like Asda Mobile need customers to be excited about handsets again, and we think that the iPhone 8 might just be the ticket.

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