At $1295, this is the world’s most expensive iPhone X cover

Now that Apple’s new 10th anniversary iPhone X is finally rolling out to the masses, a ton of YouTube videos have started to flood the internet and a quite a few of them are teardowns and drop tests of the $1000-plus smartphone. Guess what! iPhone X has been crowned the most breakable iPhone ever thanks to massive edge-to-edge display on the front and a big slab of glass on the rear. Now, considering the fact that it’s the most expensive iPhone that Apple has ever launched, if you own one, you won’t want to drop it and damage it to the extent of needing very expensive repair. How about a super strong iPhone cover made out of aerospace-grade titanium? The titanium Advent Aurora for iPhone X protector is exactly that; but there is a small caveat – it’s more expensive that the priciest iPhone X variant.

The Advent Aurora has been introduced by Singapore based luxury brand called Gray, and with a retail price of $1295 it is the most expensive iPhone X cover on sale currently. The limited edition Advent Aurora is made of aerospace grade 5 titanium, which is 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel but only half its weight and also gets used in Formula 1 for its incredible properties. Available in Stealth, Gold and Rose Gold editions, each unit is hand-torched to give it the titanium a rainbow finish and a unique serial number is etched on it to mark its exclusivity. If you want one for your precious iPhone X, you better hurry because only 100 pieces are available for sale.

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