This $19,900 iPhone 11 Pro is made from pure silver

Tesla has been an inspiring name for many. The marquee’s Cybertruck recently played muse for a modified version of the iPhone designed by Caviar. And in a sensational follow-up, the Russian luxury brand has now unveiled 900 iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone Billionaire – a phone that goes a notch further with its pure silver and gold body.

YouTube video

Designed as a high-technology Cyberphone based on the iPhone 11 Pro, the new model features a pure silver body made on the basis of the titanium Cyberphone design. It comes with exclusive decorative elements such as a Caviar crown, a plate with the brand name, side inserts, and the CYBER inscription on the insert of blackened titanium – all made from pure 750-content gold. The phone is further fitted with firm body safety features that ensure full-screen protection from mechanical damages.

Much like the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone, the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone Billionaire takes stimulus from the “geometry of lines, simplicity of forms, and versatility of materials” of Tesla’s Cybertruck. While the former model was priced for $5000, the Billionaire version retails at a sum much higher – $19,900 to be precise. Either ways, no price is too high for owning a piece of technological genius, we say!

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