Diamond studded iPhone is around the corner

Since the iPhone has been already presented in pure gold, it isn’t novel to see a gold iPhone further festooned with sparkling diamonds! Really, it was just a matter of time. Just adds more oomph to it. Crave reports that the folks at Amosu have adorned this limited edition with 420 diamonds totaling 5.65 carats. You can get it set in 18k white or yellow gold, with a choice of white, black, or pink sapphires.

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This U.K seller is not just a name it’s a brand and a form of art for mobile phones for the Rich, Famous & Sophisticated. So if you belong to the race of ‘Rich, Famous & Sophisticated’ and wealth runs in your blood then hold on till next month as it is believed to be launched then for $41,225.
Amusu via

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