Protect your iPhone 6 with Stella McCartney’s silicone lips case

If you think you’ve seen it all, I urge you to hold on to that thought while you read about Stella McCartney’s quirky (read strange) new iPhone case, that is literally a slightly giant pair of molded lips. Yes, welcome to bizzaro world!

iphone case 2
The silicone burgundy lips are molded to the size of the iPhone 6 models, to form a cushion around your precious metallic candy bars. Definitely a style statement that might grab more attention that you’ve ever gotten, unless of course you’re someone famous, we’re guessing the case is meant to be humorous and eccentric, like most of the English fashion designer’s works. Though this lip case takes on a whole new weird, it may not necessarily be an outlandish accessory, if you’re into that kind of thing. I have to admit, it would be weird to see puckered-up lips next to a person’s ear while they answer a call.

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Okay, now you’ve seen it all! The Stella McCartney Lip case can be brought for £40 from the Harrods’ online store.

[ Available at : Harrods ]

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