iPhone 4 History Edition is the worlds first Dinosaur mobile phone

Stuart Hughes has been playing with gold, platinum, diamonds, crystals to roll out most exclusive and the most expensive gadgets for all – those who can afford to buy them and others who can simply ogle at them. However, he struggles hard to elevate the bar of exclusivity by using a rare material and comes with a past dated back to 65 million years. After stunning the world with the world’s most expensive aquarium befitted with a real T-Rex bone, he is out with his latest masterpiece. Conceived by his wife, Katherine Hughes, Stuart has designed the iPhone 4 History Edition touted to be the world’s first Dinosaur mobile phone. A tooth of a 65 million-year-old T-REX and meteoric stone are shaped together to dress up the rear of this iPhone. Resourced from Arizona, US, Stuart worked on blending both these historic remnants perfectly for this phone. The bling factor comes from the rim that is caked with 8.5ct ‘IF’ flawless diamonds and a diamond-studded Apple logo set in platinum on the tooth-n-stone rear.

This history is priced at £39,995 ($63,000) and will be crafted in a limited edition of ten only. Grab it before it becomes history on the shelf of www.stuarthughes.com
CBS News reporter Lauren Lipton has aptly dubbed Stuart as the Damien Hirst of the gadget industry, and I nod my head in agreement to it.
Cheers Stuart!