Palace on wheels – Take a look inside the worlds most expensive Mack truck

Mack’s Australian factory has of late manufactured a truck for Malaysia’s Sultan of Johor; and when royalty forms part of the equation, glam and price quotients are always soaring. The impressive Super-line entails a magnificent leisure deck, gold-thread embroidery and a golden tiger hood ornament. Of course, the price tag attached is undisclosed, but we hear it towers way above Mack’s previous record of $481,000.

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Mack Trucks Australia was Sultan Ibrahim Ismail’s choice when he aimed to transport his private boat around the lands of Malaysia. The Sultan met with the company vice-president Dean Bestwick in Singapore almost a year ago.

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“The fanciest extra in most Aussie trucks is a microwave or a small fridge,” Mr Bestwick said.
“We’d never contemplated the features that have been included in His Majesty’s truck.
“This is the most luxurious truck to have been built in Australia and probably the planet.”

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We loved the features! Especially the classic royal emblems and the leisure deck! But if we are getting into the detailing, let’s talk facts!
– A specially-built sleeper unit 80 per cent larger than standard and fully upholstered with imported South African leather.

– Royal emblems embroidered into the front seats with 72,000 stitches of gold thread.

– A gold tiger hood ornament specially commissioned from Wallace Bishop.

– A rear leisure deck complete with sun shades, deck chairs and pull-out barbecue.

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– Solid jarrah timber flooring throughout the cab, sleeper unit and rear leisure deck.

– A six-camera CCTV system linked to two flatscreen TVs inside the vehicle.

– Police-standard flashing lights and an ear-popping four air-horns.

– Programmable strip-lighting built into the full length of the cab and deck flooring.

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– A stone-topped kitchen area including fridge, microwave and grill.

– Extra-wide Michelin X1 tyres for the smoothest possible ride.

– A Bose surround sound system and X-Box and Playstation consoles.

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The masterpiece was created by a team of 35 skilled experts. We hear the Sultan is elated with the end product.
“I have always appreciated Australia’s engineering skills and have collected a few Holden cars over the years,” the Sultan said.

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Credentials of the truck include 685hp and a top speed of 100km/h. Dipped in colours of red, white and blue, they represent the flamboyant nation of Johor.
Mack’s team of engineers will fly to Singapore to unload the truck after it is shipped from the Port of Brisbane and will then carry out a test run with the rig towing the Sultan’s powerboat.

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