ColorWare offers limited edition iPhone 6 Black Widow that perhaps isn’t the most accurate name

ColorWare has been designing, or rather, re-designing popular devices in premium formats for a long time. Naturally, like any custom-design firm, they’ve also had the opportunity to customize Apple’s iPhone as well. The latest from the design firm is what they’ve called the iPhone 6 Black Widow that embodies a very comic-book style format that would seem a tad confusing for Marvel fans, but one we’re sure iPhone users might just take to.

The black and red iPhone 6 Black Widow edition has taken a couple of liberties with the name and the design by calling it what it has but going in a more literal sense using a spider-web style. As most of you will know that the Black Widow featured in comic books and the recent Marvel Avengers movies really has nothing to do with spiders or spider webs, she actually gets the name from her signature, armored bracelets that deliver a ‘sting’ used to incapacitate her enemies. But enough about the comics – ColorWare’s iPhone 6 design embodies an iconic spider-web pattern that’s printed on the rear of a matt black handset in a raised format complete with spider accents. It looks like it’s emanating from the iconic Apple logo. Using a Formula red matte paint, the Apple logo along with the SIM card tray surrounding edges of the handset and a small hourglass shape (symbolic of the Black Widow spider) have been highlighted.
Just like with any of their other devices these specially designed iPhone 6 handsets have gone through the company’s labor intensive process of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting and inspection, after which the handset is buffed and reassembled. There’s still one more round of inspection before the Black Widow iPhone 6 editions are packaged and is ready for sale.
Jason Cisewski, Vice President at ColorWare stated, “Recently, we’ve been exploring patterns for a variety of our products. We loved the results we achieved with the iPhone 6 Black Widow and wanted to share it with our customers.”
The iPhone 6 Black Widow is a factory unlocked and is a limited edition device (only 25 pieces) that are designed using the Space Gray version of Apple’s smartphone. A 16GB edition is priced at $1,599, 64GB for $1,699 and 128GB will go for $1,799. There’s no contract of course and if purchased, and we suggest you get going quickly, the product will ship in about two to three weeks.

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