Russian designers have created a $9,000 version of the iPhone 13 Pro Max that has a tooth fragment of an 80 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex.

If dinosaurs interest you and you’d be more than delighted to have a T-Rex tooth on the back of your phone, this one’s for you! Russian luxury company Caviar is all set to unveil the iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone, which comes with an 80 million years old tooth fragment from a T-Rex. Yes, that’s right! Part of the brand’s new Tera series, the Tyrannophone, as it is called, features a lightweight composite foundation with engraving on the back along with a gold-plated jewelry alloy. The eye of the dinosaur is made of real amber, while the volumetric head sculpture is made of titanium.

The phone, of course, comes with the real tooth embedded and is a limited edition (with only seven units available) for reasons obvious enough. Commenting on it, Caviar noted, ‘Unique iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone is adorned with a 3D image of a dinosaur head that strikes fear into the hearts of your competitors with a gaze of its yellow eye, made of pure amber,’

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‘The predatory grin of a monster is not just an element of decor, but also an element of exclusivity and uniqueness, because one of the teeth of a tyrannosaurus is real! It contains an insert from a fragment of a real Tyrannosaurus tooth, 80 million years old,’ it added.

The Tyrannophone is available in the iPhone 13 Pro model, which is priced at $8,610, or the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which costs $9,150. And as Caviar has noted, ‘This terrifyingly exclusive model is only available in 7 pieces, so hurry up to become the owner of the formidable and relentless iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone!’

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