iPhone 5 gets a 24ct gold and leather makeover by Gold Dreams

After stunning the mobile market with iPhone 4/4S that shone with 4000 diamonds, this time around Geneva-based Golden Dreams has launched an iPhone 5 collection that is a blend of rich leather, gold and technology. The collection comprises two editions – Desert and Gold Edition 24ct. The Desert edition is the world’s first leather-covered iPhone 5 that comes with a Mississippi Alligator back. Swiss micro-engineering has been used to re-align the phone’s back that comes in various colors of leather and a 24-carat gold plated / black chrome rim.

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The Gold Edition 24ct with its shiny mirror back is available in white or black with 24ct-gold plating.
So, what’s the idea behind creating such a bespoke product? Well, the creators at Golden Dreams wanted to combine Apple’s technical expertise with Swiss craftsmanship. I guess, ‘Golden Dreams’ are made of these!

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