Review – Urban Revival at the Mandarin Oriental Spa, London

A new generation of spa culture is promised, and most certainly, delivered. The spa at the Mandarin Oriental is an opulent retreat which is guaranteed to restore you to a state of calm. They haven’t reinvented the wheel, but they have certainly refined it, modernised it and engineered it to cater for a smooth ride. It compliments the age-old establishment that has waved its red and yellow flag proudly on the streets of London’s prestigious Knightsbridge, overlooking the Hyde Park.

As though almost a religious experience, the spa has a series of therapeutic solitary pampering rituals to take the strain of one’s body. The activities are done at your own wish, and the pampering sessions are tailored to the recipients needs and preferences, using the suitable products from the Oriental’s bespoke line of products.

When you first enter, almost like the procession of a Buddhist’s journey to the monastic life, you’re traded your loafers for sandals, and your hold-all for a robe, towels and a small cup of herbal tea. This signifies the beginning of the period of preparation.

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My preparation consisted of time spent in the Sanarium, which is a gentle and fuller sauna experience, the Vitality pool (where my time was spent with bias) which propels hydro-therapeutic jets to loosen one’s joints and massage ones body, and the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room- which is essentially a bat cave which is embellished with a large Amethyst to induce mental peace, tranquility, inspiration and meditation. There was also a gym, but I’m not one for physical exercise.

A received a facial massage (lasting 50 mins), which focuses on exploring all of one’s senses. The light oriental twinkling plays in the background, serving as some sort of ASMR trigger in-tandem with the Thai aroma that circumambulates the room and the thorough massaging experience come together to bring to life one’s city-beaten soul back to life.

I was lead down, after the massage, to the Zen Colour Therapy Relaxation room, which emphasises to an even greater extent the importance of stimulating all of the body’s senses. The soft, changing ambient lighting sets the atmosphere for what comes across as a combination of a natural, jungle scene and the fruit of man’s labour which is represented by the smooth Buddha sculpture and bamboo Chaise Lounges mounted on fragrant wood. Around all of the sections, there are healthy refreshments- spring water, cranberry juice and so on. A very well-facilitated establishment supported by wonderful staff and modern design.

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As of this year, the department will be joined by therapy Guru: Linda Meredith.

Also, it must be mentioned, the bar is an excellent après-spa chill out spot. A little more saturated and vibrant than the spa, but most definitely recommended.

The address – Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA,
United Kingdom
Tel – +442072352000
Web – Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Note – The Urban revival treatment costs £125. I was a guest at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. But the opinions expressed herein are my own.

The Luxe factor is

10 Ambience
8 Treatment
8 Products used
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