World’s most expensive cannoli cake is adorned with a diamond necklace

If you are a Sicilian, then you’re not new to cannoli. But if you haven’t eaten a luxury version of the traditional dessert, then Chef and restaurateur Jasper Mirabile Jr.can make that dream a reality. Mirabile, who is penning a new cookbook titled “On the Cannoli Trail,” is all set to unveil his most elaborate and expensive cannoli creation ever at Jasper’s Restaurant all through the month. The cake, which is traditionally made with a tubular fried pastry shell filled with a whipped ricotta cheese filling containing chocolate, candied lemon, and orange peel, and nuts, is blinged up with edible gold leaf. The handy work of baker Carey Iennaccaro, the owner of Sprinkled With Sugar. But that’s not the only opulent bit; the cake is finished with a $26,000 diamond necklace courtesy of Italian jeweler Tom Tivol.

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While enquires are rife for the $26,010 cannoli cake, for now, it’s just on display under lock and key. Jasper Mirabile Jr. quips,” Our insurance company said we could either build a secure glass case for the cannoli or lock up the diamonds.” He adds, “We can’t sell the display model, but given 24-hour notice, we’ll have a fresh one … with the diamond necklace.” I sure am hungry for more!

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