Mooo……Most Expensive Cow for $70,000

Undoubtedly I have written about the most expensive car, houses, watches, cell phones, and much more. But I am totally lost and cannot figure out that under what category the Most Expensive Cow can be penned. Australia’s most expensive cow has been sold in southern Queensland. Tagged heavily $70,000, a Charolais cow named Maxine has set a new record, for the sale of a female of any cattle breed. So guys if you want to have the most expensive glass of milk, then you know the source of it! And that’s not the only honor this she has. She was the interbreed champion supreme exhibit at the Sydney Royal in 2003 and then went on to win the supreme beef female at Beef 2003 at Rockhampton.

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Now she is at a new Charolais stud at Malanda in north Queensland owned by Greg and Sue Clyde-Smith.

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