Luxury Villas for Man’s Best Friend

If you thought it is not fair on our part to live luxuriously while our canine friends have to live amongst us, without their own private space, you might be thinking of buying the pup a kennel. However, you would certainly not like to settle for anything less than what your doggie really deserves! German company Best Friend’s Home offers luxury and niche dream villas for dogs that come with all the comforts that a dog could ever ask or bark for.

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Your doggie can enjoy outdoors without getting wet, stare through the laced windows, and bask in the handpicked German luxury. These beautiful niche kennels are designed in Germany and cost up to $6,730. You could also read about how the celebrities favorite Chihuahua is a high maintenance doggie. It would surely love to live in this lovely German kennel!
Via: Le Blog Luxe

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