Jacob & Co.’s Millionnaire watch is a $6 million yellow diamond showstopper

Jacob & Co. seems to have had a very specific buyer in mind when they created their “Millionnaire” Yellow Diamonds watch and the name certainly gives it away. You would definitely have to be a millionaire to afford this $6 million watch, but those in the $900,000 bracket can still appreciate the timepiece from afar!

There’s no ignoring this watch thanks to the rows upon rows of yellow diamonds that cover the bezel, lugs and entire bracelet of this watch. The watch boasts a total of 127.45 carats of square Emerald-cut certified Intense yellow diamonds. The 54 Emerald cut diamonds on the case and the Rose cut diamond on the crown amount to 31.74 carats. Eleven baguette cut yellow diamonds comprise the indices while the 18 k gold bracelet is heavy with a whopping 210 emerald cut yellow diamonds ringing in at 95.71 carats. It’s pretty believable that Jacob & Co. spent 2 years finding 276 diamonds with the Intense yellow certification.

There’s also something to be said for the impressive mechanism that powers this watch. Inside is the Jacob & Co. skeletonized manual wind caliber (JCAM23) with tourbillon escapement with 197 components. Each part is hand finished and polished, reduced to the least amount of metal that it could possibly need without sacrificing function. A sapphire crystal caseback and front complete the watch.

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“In my mind, the buyer of the Millionnaire is someone who can buy almost any watch or piece of jewelry they want, but are looking for a piece that is daring and unique — yet still timeless,” said Jacob Arabo. “It’s not the type of watch that someone wears everyday, so I imagine the buyer as a collector, who appreciates the artistry and attention of detail put into the piece.”

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