Leak shows what the Apple iPhone 8 will be like

It’s quite well known that Apple goes to great lengths to keep a check on the leaks on its upcoming devices, especially iPhones, but the iPhone 8 is fast becoming one of the most leaked devices ever. If the rumors are to be believed, we are still three months away from its official launch; however, a new round of leaked information to hit the internet gives us a good idea how the device would look along with many of its gaming changing features. And coming from a source like the gadget site MobileFun, which has a history of being spot on with its predictions, we cannot dismiss the leaks.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple is going to pull out all the stops to make the iPhone 8 – or iPhone Edition as some predict it to be called – a truly sensational device. The last time the iPhone arrived with a new form factor was back in 2014 when Apple introduced the iPhone 6. But if the leaks are to be believed, the iPhone 8 will be quite a lot different than all the previous generations. The device’s rumored edge-to-edge display is going to be the largest ever to be used on an iPhone. MobileFun had listed the first retail case for the iPhone, and now has added nine more to the list, giving us a clear look at the design of the phone. The cases are made by well-connected manufacturer Olixar.

The leaks also confirm that the upcoming iPhone is not going to have a physical home button on the front and instead is going to come with the highly anticipated Touch ID integrated into the 5.8-inch display. The phone also might feature facial recognition along with a revolutionary 3D sensing dual camera set-up which will now be vertically aligned. The rumored 3D sensing module along with the handsets support for augmented reality with the help of specially made AR applications will be the key feature of the next-generation iPhone. But it will be interesting to see that how much of an impact all these features will have on the asking price of the device.

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