Inspired by the Royal wedding this 24K Gold iPhone X costs $4,000

Months before the royal wedding that took place last Saturday, the markets started to flood with commemorative pieces and memorabilia to celebrate the big event. For those looking for something more special and lavish than the commemorative t-shits and chinaware, luxury gifting company Goldgenie has introduced a custom iPhone X featuring 24-karat gold plating, diamond-encrusted Apple logo and an engraving of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Limited to just 99 examples, the iPhone X Elite is covered in 24-karat gold around the sides and rear. Underneath the dazzling Apple logo covered in diamonds an image of the royal couple is engraved in black and white along with the text “The Royal Wedding 2018.” Each phone will also be individually numbered.

The Gold iPhone X Elite Limited-edition Royal Wedding handset is based on the 256GB storage version will be delivered in a “luxury cherry oak finish box,” accompanied by a pair of white EarPods, the USB charging cable, a 5-watt USB power adapter, and its documentation. Goldgenie will also install Total Armour Protection on the limited edition. If you want to buy one, you’ll have to shell out $4600. You can even pay in cryptocurrency if you want.

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