Goldgenie’s creates gold plated model airplanes to woo collectors

If collecting model airplanes is a hobby of yours, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection! Goldgenie the UK based company known to bling everyday gadgets has created a 24 carat gold plated model of a Boeing 777 that is sure to be the most beautiful plane you’ve ever set eyes on. It’s far from being true to life as it doesn’t have doors, windows or the all-important engines, but this plane is meant to dazzle the audience, and that it certainly does!

Created in France and named “Aviator’s Dream,” the golden model airplane is available with the emblems of top airlines like British Airways, Emirates, Qatar or Goldgenie’s own airline “Goldgenie Air” however only 99 models of each livery, emblem, or logo will be created so every piece will be coveted by collectors and flight enthusiasts alike. Goldgenie is happy to personalize and customize individual models so if none of the airlines mentioned appeal to you, you can name your favorite or better still, just make one up!

You can get your own glitzy model airplane for about $1,560 (£997) from Goldgenie’s website.


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