This Vietnamese hotel boasts a President Suite with a gold bathtub and sinks!

The Golden Bay hotel in Vietnam’s Da Nang City is making every effort to stay true to its name. The hotel’s ultra-glamorous Presidential Suite boasts a claw foot soaking tub made of 24k gold!

The large tub offers the bather a fantastic view of the city, but with all the gold on display, you may not even be interested in the outside world.

The sinks in the suite are also gold, so washing your hands or brushing your teeth in the morning will never be a mundane task in this bathroom.

Even the toilet, bidet and urinal are made of gleaming gold. Using gold objects is part of the hotel’s philosophy of giving their guests the ultimate hospitality experience.

Guests in the President Suite eat out of gold plates with gold flatware.

But it’s not only guests of the President Suite who get to enjoy the hotel’s penchant for gold. The Golden Bay Hotel holds the world record for having the largest 24K gold infinity swimming pool.

If you’re excited by the prospect of being around all that golden splendor, you can learn more about the hotel here: Dananggoldenbay


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