Soak in the wellness of the Ying Yang Couple Bath for $55,000

Earlier in Luxurylaunches we have come across a variety of bathtubs, some that can be installed to give your bathroom a stylish upgrade, others that focuses on providing you a psychedelic spa experience, yet others that ease your stress away. Combining both style and pleasure is the new bathtub courtesy Trautwein – the Ying Yang Couple Bath. As the name suggests, the tub takes the form of the famous Chinese symbol – Ying and Yang, which symbolizes that opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent on each other. Divided by a curved middle, the bathtub features two tubs, each of which can be individually controlled in terms of temperature and LED lighting of their choice.

Further enhancing the experience is integrating a wellness concept that includes a sound-wave massaging system for soothing every fiber of your body through musical vibrations reverberating through the water. The Ying Yang Couple Bath features 120 water and air nozzles that allow for a relaxed, hygienic, and indulgent bathing experience. All this, for a price tag of $55,000, could be yours.

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[Via – Trautwein-Gmbh and Expensive-Places and Trendhunter]

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