The latest avatar of the wood burning dutch outdoor tub is here

This may not be a Hot Tub Time Machine that sends you to the past to return as a billionaire. What it does instead gives you the flexibility to roam around with it and place your weary, traveler backside in its warm embrace from time to time. While the words ‘portable’ and ‘hot tub’ do not generally go together, this contraption by Floris Schoonderbeek is something that offers the best of all worlds.

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For starts, it’s a rather spacious hot tub that can accommodate four occupants without getting them into a knot. Shaped like half a sphere, the tub can accommodate 171 gallons of water, and its 165-pound body stands firm on four stocky legs. Next, it offers a very unique and creative heating mechanism. With the help of metal hoses, it connects to a coil structure that is a make-shift hearth. This is where the heat is derived from. You may look like human sacrifice, with a fire burning, albeit not directly under you, but then that’s the price you have to pay for a good time in warm water, outdoors.
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As soon as the heating reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you can hop in with your cronies and enjoy a pleasurable moment or two. Last but not least, the designer has christened this as the Dutchtub. This is open for interpretation as we wouldn’t like to impress our views everywhere. It is available in Dutchtub Orange, Pebble Grey, Olive Green, Pigeon Blue, and Terra Red color options.
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