Topping at $70k Brikk debuts new iPhone X designs dripping in gold and diamonds

In the world of iPhone customization, it’s the early bird that gets the worm and Brikk has resolved to be the earliest bird offering customers their pick of a range of luxe iPhone X devices. The company has gone al in providing a first look of their five new collections all featuring the iPhone X which the world was introduced to just yesterday. There is a considerable range to choose from and something for everyone.

The Lux iPhone X Mono Collection
These models feature a glass back with a laser engraved pattern on a white or black background. The sides are coated in 24k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or 950 platinum. These models are priced at $7,495.

The Lux iPhone X Classic Collection
The Classic models have their surfaces coated in 24k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or 950 platinum and feature a robotic engraved heptagon pattern. Each phone is priced at $9,995.

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The Lux Iphone X Deluxe Collection
This collection lets you choose from three variants: Deluxe Single, Deluxe Double and Deluxe Triple. The first features phones coated in 24k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or 950 platinum with a robotic engraved medium heptagon pattern. The single row heptagon logo is made with 0.6 carats of vvs/de genuine diamonds while the heptagon pattern at bottom is made with French enamel and available in 12 colors. The Deluxe single is priced at US$12,995. Deluxe Doubles feature a double row heptagon logo comprised of 1.6 carats of diamonds and is priced at US$14,995. The Deluxe Triple uses 5 carats of diamonds in its hexagon logo design and is priced at US$21,995.

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The Lux Iphone X Haute Omni
Coated in 24k yellow gold, this model features a hand engraved large heptagon pattern with handset diamonds. The triple row heptagon logo and accents are made with 12 carats diamonds while the heptagon pattern in middle and at bottom is made with French enamel and available in 50 colors. This model is priced at US$49,995 and is highly customizable.

The Lux Iphone X Ingot Collection
With a starting price of US$44,995, this is the most expensive collection for good reason. The Ingot 108 model uses 108gms of 22k gold while the Ingot 250 uses a whopping 250gms of gold to cover the phone surface. The second phone is priced at an eyewatering $69,995.
All designs use the iPhone X with 256GB of storage and a 5.8 inch OLED screen.


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