Your next iPhone could cost a whopping $1,199

Can your cellphone be called an iPhone if it doesn’t come with an eye watering price tag? Of course not. If at all you thought the next iPhone might be an economical purchase, we hate to break it to you but the prices have topped the $1000 mark. Twitter user VenyaGeskin1 aka Tech media reporter Benjamin Geskin revealed the prices for the iPhone 8 devices rather unceremoniously via tweet.

According to him, the 64GB model will retail for $999 USD, the 256GB model for $1,099 USD, and the 512GB model for $1,199. Who really needs 512 GB of internal storage on their cellphone though? Will this model have any takers? The majority of people who intend to line up outside Apple stores will probably be buying the 64 GB model, and we can certainly imagine that some people will buy the 256GB model if only because it provides much better value (four times the memory for only $100 more? Who came up with this pricing strategy?), but I can’t imagine anyone who will need 512 GB of storage I don’t care how many selfies you take!

We’ll be waiting for Apple to confirm or deny the news.


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