This $6000 customized iPhone 11 comes with a piece of Steve Jobs’ iconic turtleneck

Over the last couple of years, Russian brand Caviar has earned a reputation for creating some of the most flamboyant and outlandish customized iPhones that are decorated with just about any conceivable rare material on earth. However, it’s latest offerings are not only unique but also earn the tag of being a true collector’s item. Caviar’s new Superior collection of customized iPhone 11 smartphones celebrate some of the biggest legends, including Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. The iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs is “a tribute to the immortal genius” and is designed in the style of the original iPhone. The embossed Apple logo in the center houses an actual piece of Steve Jobs’ iconic black turtleneck sweater, while the bottom portion of the backplate Steve Jobs’ autograph engraved on it. The price for the Jobs’ edition starts at $6,290 for a standard 64GB model, up to $7,460 for the 512GB Max version. It is limited to just 9 examples.

The iPhone 11 Pro Superior Ali & Frazier, as the name suggests, pays tribute to two of the most celebrated heavyweight boxers of all time and the most epic showdowns in the history between the two athletes. The backplate features a red swatch from Ali’s trunks and a blue swatch from Frazier’s, along with a 24-karat gold championship belt in the middle. Limited to just 3 examples, the Ali & Frazier edition is priced between $11,990 and $13,160. For music lovers, Caviar has the iPhone 11 Pro Superior The Beatles that celebrates the legendary British band. It gets swatches of the suits worn by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. Only one unit will be made and it can be yours for $11,210 if you choose a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro or $12,380 for a 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max.


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