Golden Dreams announces stunning line of highly customized iPhone 6 handsets in gold, alligator leather and deep matt black

If the limited edition Year of the Goat iPhone 6 doesn’t meet your fancy, or if you consider the Falcon designed edition for Jack Ma too ostentatious and perhaps the Gold & Co’s special edition device for the Burj Al Arab’s 15th Anniversary was just not special enough for you, be assured that there is no limit to customization and regality one can apply to the iPhone that won’t make it either obscenely expensive or limited in quantity. So if the above mentioned options are just not good enough for you here are some more from the fine folks at Golden Dreams, Geneva –

Let’s kick things off with the Carbon Edition design which has been re-engineered using a 4KB high-tech carbon back with a rim embellished in a choice of gold or deep matt black. This edition is available with black, silver and gold carbon fiber. The “Carbon Gold” is, as the name suggests, features real carbon fiber coated with 99.9% pure gold. Prices are as follows –

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The Black (hand finished) Carbon edition with a full black rim (128GB) is worth $ 4,122(4’090 Swiss Francs),

The White (hand finished) Carbon edition (128GB) with an 18ct white gold rim is priced at $4,432 (4’390 Swiss Francs), and

The Carbon Gold edition (developed in house) also of the 128GB variety with its 24ct yellow gold rim, will run you about $5,845 (5790 CHF)

Next up is the Desert edition that features a genuine alligator back and a 24 ct gold rim. The rim is however, available in a variety of other luxury materials as well – rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Golden Dreams also offers a choice of over 150 colors of the finest luxury leathers in alligator, shark and ostrich.

gd-hnad-paintIn case you’re still not altogether impressed, there’s more – the company, Golden Dreams, has even created a range of hand painted masterpieces using a specially developed paint. All these specially designed iPhones are hand painted by a renowned French artist. These editions of the iPhone 6 are slated to cost about $6865 (6’800 CHF) but can vary depending on the painting you choose.

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In case you’re a little bit of a wild-child, perhaps the Skull Edition will be more to your liking with its solid 18ct gold skull on a mirror polished finish and featuring premium alligator leather.

gd-dragon-4And finally, the last in the newly launched series is the hand engraved Dragon Edition iPhone that takes about 35hours (and more) of dedicated craftsmanship. Decked out in 18ct solid gold, the symbol of a dragon has been carefully inserted on an alligator leather rear panel and is complimented with rubies for its eyes. How’s that for standing out in a crowd!

The collection can be seen in the three Golden Dreams flagship stores in: Geneva, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well as in our selected retailers worldwide.

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