The Stoli group presents the Andean Edition Vodka of the elit pristine water series

The TFWA World Exhibition which was held in Cannes last month saw the launch of Stolichnaya’s Andean Edition of its pristine water series. This gets its name from the South American mountain range, The Andes. The third and last one in this elit pristine water series gets its water from the crystal clear waters of Colico Lake in Chile, to a natural spring flowing from the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

This water is then added to the Russian Alpha Spirit at the distillery in Latvia, to create the vodka in this one of its kind series. The spirit is said to be made from a single source of grain harvested from land that is not subject to fertilisers or pesticides. The first edition had the clear waters from the Himalayan streams and was called the Himalayan Edition and the second was called the New Zealand Edition. Great research and study goes into choosing the purest form of water as water forms the basis of the vodka and they at Stolichnaya also believe that the place has the power to influence the flavor of the vodka.

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This vodka comes in a beautiful hand cut crystal bottle by crystal house Glencairn which is designed in a way to refract the light and enhance the liquids clarity. Each bottle is sealed with a silver medallion overlaid with gold and crowned with a ruby. This exquisite bottle is then put in a Chilean Black Cherry wood case that is lined with leather.

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Form the sourcing of the water, to the grain, to the packing one can see the dedication and passion with which this vodka has been made.

If you are thinking of getting your hands on this, you better hurry as there are just 250 bottles of this limited Edition to be distributed at $ 3,742 each.

For trade enquiries, contact Jean-Philippe Aucher, Global Duty Free & Travel Retail Director, Stoli Group; tel: +357 2584 9774 or e-mail: [email protected].

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