This gold-encrusted one-off iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar costs $70,000 and has a mechanical watch on the back

Russian customization brand Caviar, known for lavish iPhone makeovers, has released one of its most ostentatious creations to date. The iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius, as the name suggests, features a design that is meant to “symbolize the eternal life that Sun gives to our planet.” The customized iPhone has been created with a half-kilogram of gold, 137 diamonds and a luxury mechanical clock on the back with a tourbillon. And within the watch face, there’s a special yellow diamond (or sunstone) that depicts the center of the solar system. The customized iPhone 11 Pro is a part of the brand’s latest Discovery range of products that are all themed around parts of the solar system. The Discovery Solarius is the range-topping model which is limited to just a single unit.

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According to Caviar’s official website, the pricing starts at $70,340 for the 64GB version and goes all the way up to $71,520 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB. However, the one-off customized iPhone has already been sold. In case you feel left out, other offerings from the Discovery range are still available and can be yours for a fraction of the cost. Caviar also recently released exclusive editions of the iPhone 11 that pay tribute to some of the most loved celebs including Steve Jobs and Mohammad Ali.

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