Here are 6 features to love in the iPhone X

One of the most hotly anticipated smartphone launches of the year is finally here and in true form, it’s making everyone raise their eyebrows. Apple finally revealed the iPhone X (pronounced 10) and t’s pretty different from what we’re used to from this company. There are new features to love, an improved design to appreciate and cutting edge technology to explore. Below we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite things about the iPhone X.

No Home button
In order to maximize the surface available for display, Apply axed their home button. Users can now access the home screen by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen. The side button or power button has also inherited some new features, long press it to access Siri or double click for Apple Play.

Edge to Edge screen
This is the coolest design element to the new phone. The iPhone X has almost no bezel, giving it a smooth sleek look. The front of the phone is all screen with the exception of a tiny space relegated to the front camera and sensors.

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Longer Battery Life
Apple says that the battery life of the phone will be two hours longer than the battery life of iPhone 7 models. The iPhone X also offers wireless charging using inductive pads.

Face ID
Enabling face ID can give your phone an extra layer of security. While setting up this feature, you’ll be asked to hold the phone level with your face and allow its sensors to register your features. Not only can you use Face ID to unlock your phone, you can also use it to log in to applications and even make payments. Supposedly, enabling Face ID also means making your phone ‘smarter’ in some ways, for example if your phone knows you’re facing it will avoid playing loud notification tones. As a caveat, face recognition technology in devices can be misused in some instances.

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New Screen
The iPhone X boasts a Super Retina Display – a 1125×2436 OLED display that makes colors richer and more enjoyable. Apple’s own TrueTone tech perfectly white balances in different conditions enhancing the experience even further.

If you love your emojis then this feature will doubtless excite even you more than the iOS 11 or the Augmented Reality experiences. Animojis are basically moving emojis that can mimic your actual facial expression thanks to the phone’s facial recognition sensors. Your facial movement is then recreated on the emojis in the form of a short animation. This feature requires a 3d camera and will not be available n iPhone 8 models.


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