Take a look at Lionel Messi’s $21,000 iPhone XS Max that is wrapped in 24k gold

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi was recently handed over an iPhone XS Max which has been wrapped in 24 Carat gold by customization company by iDesign Gold. The brand’s official Instagram account posted pictures of the customized iPhone along with the Argentinean sporting legend to break the news. As we can see in the Instagram photo, the customized iPhone XS Max has the maestros name and jersey number “10” etched on the backplate along with the names of his wife and four kids. The logos of Messi’s football club FC Barcelona and his Argentinian national team are also inscribed on the back of the phone. While the iPhone XS Max carries a price-tag of $1300 in the US, the customized version by iDesign Gold is estimated to be around $21,000.

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Lionel Messi was not the only FC Barcelona soccer player who received a customized iPhone by iDesign Gold. His Barcelona teammate Ivan Rakitic has also gifted a similarly customized iPhone with his name and jersey number. In fact, iDesign Gold has delivered customized iPhones to several soccer stars over the last few months, including England’s Dele Alli, FC Barcelona’s Arturo Vidal, and even former Liverpool star Steven Gerrard. Any new iPhone, when it’s newly launched, becomes an instant favorite with customization brands to launch their own blinged-out versions. In addition to iDesign Gold, companies like Caviar and Goldgenie are the most reputed brands that have their own versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

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