This Russian company is taking pre-orders for a $24,000 sold gold iPhone 12 Pro

It may be a while before Apple officially announces the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Max. But this has not stopped Caviar from coming up with bejeweled and spruced-up versions of the upcoming iPhone for its wealthy clientele. Made from pure gold the phone is studded with 8 high-quality diamonds that are placed throughout the body of the phone which is engraved with Camomile motifs, the national flower of Russia. The side is engraved with the model information and unique phone number. The pricing starts at $23,000 for the base iPhone 12 and goes up to $24,450 for the 512 GB variant of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The Pure Gold model is one of the 12 designs that start from $4,290 and offer the phone in a variety of materials and designs including leathers, silver, and carbon fiber. Along with the phone even the power adapter, cable, and earphones get the Caviar treatment. For those who wish to be even different can customize the phone liking with personalized customization. 

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[Preorder at Caviar]

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