Gresso iPhone4 Lady Blanche woos women with diamonds and crystals

If you think that the iPhone 4 Time Machine collection from Gresso was mind-blowing, then they have something better to suit the tastes for pretty damsels. The new gadgets that extends the Time machine collection feature two variants of the iPhone4 Lady Blanche, for sophisticated and chic women who are stylish and like gadgets. Taking ahead the time machine features, the phone features three distinct Swiss clocks with a 10-year movement reserve at the rear panel of the phone indicating times from New York, Moscow, and Paris on three pearl white “natural Antillian mother-of-pearl La burgaudine” dials done up with either 0.01 carats if white diamonds or Swarovski crystal depending on the variant you decide to buy.

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The diamond version has been crafted using the floating diamond technique for both the diamond and the crystals to give it an extra shinning effect. The odd number of stones used when held against light dazzle to the fullest. The reading panel is set in diamond-coated mineral glass. Due to launch later, the limited edition iPhone4 Lady Blanche Diamonds collection will be priced at $30,000, while the Swarovski crystal edition limited to 150 units will be priced at $7,000. For pre-ordering and other details, click here.
Thanks Ekaterina Lemeshevskaya

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