At $200k and $408k these are the most expensive iPhone and iPad cases

Very seldom does it happen that your phone cover costs more than the phone itself. And once in a millennium moon does it happen that the phone cover costs 200 times more than the wireless apparatus. The Italian luxury jewelry brand, Buccellati has unveiled world’s most expensive iPhone 5S case as well as a cover for the iPad Mini, for $206,000 and $481,000, respectively.

Created by designer Lucrezia Buccellati, the cases were unveiled at Baselworld, the world’s leading watch and jewelry trade show in Basel, Switzerland. Buccellati, founded in 1919 was up until now better known for engraved gold, diamond and gemstone cuffs, earrings and rings but have now designed the rare bespoke accessories.

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Inspired from Leonardo da Vinci’s solar illustrations, the bling case is adorned with small diamond starbursts and surpasses Brikk’s most expensive iPhone case.

[Via – Glamour]