Swarovski and Philips present the Lumalive bag

Swarovski and Philips are at it again. This year the two companies have collaborated yet again on a completely new project. This year they are working on the Lumalive bag concept where they are exploring the possibilities of combining crystals with light in fashion accessories. The teams from both companies have worked together on the development of this urban style bag concept. Glamorous and feminine, the bag called ‘Favourite’ is made of violet leather with a large band decorated with faceted crystal detail. The front of the bag has a large piece of crystal mesh behind which, a flexible background is placed displaying the pre-registered message, made possible by the Lumalive technology. The bag can be held by a practical wrist-loop in crystal mesh.

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The Lumalive technology makes it possible to display luminous messages by integrating colorful light in textiles. A futuristic design, this is something you want with you for sure. Last year, Swarovski and Philips joined forces creating the Active Crystals product line of USB memory keys and headphones, becoming veritable jewels of technology.

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