Crystal Arabesque Loudspeakers

Crystal Cables has recently come out with a new set of speakers that will blow you away – literally! The Arabesque loudspeakers are made completely from hand blown Czech Republic Crystal. What I want to know really is what hand blown crystal is! But then again, that’s beside the point. These speakers have walls that appear to be at least half an inch thick and as you can see in the picture of the speakers, there are no straight lines from the cross section. Stating that these speakers are a a beauty to behold is an understatement. For all the tech-lovers, your legs are likely to turn to mush at the site of these speakers.

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Not meant for the poor or the middle class, the Crystal Arabesque loudspeakers is set to cost more than you can imagine, especially when a new set of (for a 1 meter pair) interconnects retail for $7,150. As of now there is not much more information available on these soon and you’ll hear more from us!

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