Meet Italy’s glamourous TV presenter Ilary Blasi who ran off with her husband’s precious Rolex collection. Married to footballer Francesco Totti she is accusing her husband of holding her designer handbags hostage.

If marriages are made in heaven, divorces must indeed be made in hell. At least, that is what Italian footballer Francesco Totti and his wife, Ilary Blasi, must believe. The handsome couple was married for 17 years in what could well be termed a fairytale romance. They painted a perfect picture of a happy family with a doting wife and three kids. The nationally broadcasted enchanting marriage ceremony in an ancient Roman basilica redeemed people’s faith in love and romance. Fairytales are fictional, and the couple announced their split in July, uncovering the ugly face of life.

Ilary with Francesco during better times..Via Instagram / @ilaryblasi

What followed was a string of cheating allegations, Blasi not supporting Totti following his retirement from football, and mental health issues. Divorces can be an extremely trying time, but this story takes a rather funny turn (at least for third-party spectators) when one learns that 45-year-old Blasi stole Totti’s Rolex watches. The 46-year-old player took revenge by hiding her handbags and expensive shoes worth $3500, per a report from Corriere della Sera. After 17 years of marriage, partners know exactly where it will hurt most, and both parties managed a bulls-eye.

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Via Instagram / @ilaryblasi

Clearly, TV presenter Blasi loves her designer handbags (she named her daughter Chanel), and a couple of Rolexes equal a commoner’s entire net worth. The Roma icon told Corriere della Sera, “What was I supposed to do? I hid the bags, hoping for an exchange.” Per The Sun, a source close to Totti revealed to Italian media: “All she has to do is return the watches, and this is over.” It looks like all Totti can do now is wait and ‘watch.’

Via Instagram / @ilaryblasi

Meet Ilary Blasi, Italy’s Posh Beckham-
One-half of the Italian Beckhams is embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with the man who the world believed to be the love of her life- football legend Francesco Totti. The former showgirl and TV presenter has three kids with the sportsman and was at the receiving end of several allegations.

Via Instagram / @ilaryblasi

Not only has Totti blamed her for neglecting him during a difficult period in his life, but he also accused his wife of 17 years of cheating on him. Ilary has not addressed the infidelity accusations, but according to Corriere della Sera, she is alleged to have told friends: ‘I discovered things that could ruin about fifty families,’ indicating that she has her own side of the story to tell when she feels the time is right.

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Via Instagram / @ilaryblasi

Blasi started working in the entertainment sector at age three and made her acting debut in a small role in the Giorgio Capitani movie “David & David.” Growing up, she was part of several Italian pageants and TV shows. The pair are headed for their first court hearing on October 14, which may help them retrieve their possessions.

Via Instagram / @ilaryblasi

Couples fighting over their prized possessions during a divorce battle is common. Making Totti and Blassi’s fight over Rolexes seem trivial is the case of Tatiana and Russian Oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov. For four years, Tatiana chased an unpaid $600-million divorce settlement. She stopped at nothing to seize the $320 million superyacht Luna from her husband and even hired former SBS operatives. She lost the superyacht Luna to her husband in the end.

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