Tatiana Akhmedova, the Ex-wife of a Russian Oligarch has hired Ex-Special Forces soldiers, to storm and seize her husbands $320 million superyacht as he is refusing to pay her the $640 million divorce settlement.

Just when I assumed nothing could steal the spotlight from Bill and Melinda Gates’s separation comes a thrust of drama from what could win the title of the world’s biggest and most bitter divorce. Starring Tatiana Akhmedova, Russian Oligarch Farkhad Akhmedova, and their 27-year-old Temur Akhmedov, in a supporting role (his mother accused him of supporting the father and acting as his ‘lieutenant’ to hide a fortune of nearly $99 million owed to her). For four years, Tatiana has chased an unpaid $600-million divorce settlement, but this time, she has hired former SBS operatives to seize the $320 million superyachts at the center of the row.

Farkhad Akhmedov

Tatiana’s lawyers confirmed to MailOnline: ‘The Marshall Islands courts have formally awarded the M/Y Luna to Tatiana; we are, of course, using all options available to us to recover her as part of the rightful settlement awarded to Tatiana. Therefore, we have retained the services of a specialist company to retrieve all assets owed to our client.’ Mr. Akhmedov bought this 377ft super-yacht called Luna in 2010, and it’s a mansion cruising on the water. Let us dive into the marvelous creation that is the object of Tatiana Akhmedova’s affection, for which she went to the extent of hiring special forces team to seize the yacht:

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The opulent superyacht Luna has nine decks, a vast swimming pool, and a mini-submarine.

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A massive vessel requires a big crew for smooth functioning, and Luna offers space for 52 crew, two helipads, and an anti-missile defense system.

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Dubai’s highest court ruled against Tatiana’s appeal to seize the Luna, but her battle over the yacht continues in the Marshall Islands.

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Luna also has one of two multipurpose custom made lifeboat-limousines in the world at the cost of nearly $4 million each.

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