An anonymous chef is turning junk food into hilarious haute cuisine on Instagram!

The recent popularity of t.v. shows associated with fine dining and haute gastronomy have resulted in a surge of Instagram foodies (instafoodies?) who insist on detailing every meal they eat on their favorite photo-sharing app. And while looking at food porn is always fun, Chef Jacques la Merde is upping the ante with his unique take on haute cuisine. The hilarious account posts images of junk food plated up in creative and highly stylized ways. If “eating with your eyes” was a real thing, we’d be half full already!

Using an arsenal of cheap ingredients like Pop-Tarts, Filet-O-Fish, Hot Pockets, Corndogs, Oreos and even Mentos, the chef creates visual masterpieces that would truly delight any of the chef judges on those reality cooking shows.

But the beautifully plated dishes are only half the story. The chef’s captions probably take the cake for marrying the highbrow with the hilarious. Some of these captions will really make you laugh out loud. One of our favorites was: BROS BROS BROS!!!! HOLLA AT US IF UR LOOKING TO GET THE MEAT SWEATS 2NITE!!! THIS IS A DUO OF POGOS W/ MARBLE CHEEZE SLICES, HONEY HAM ROSETTES, SPONGEBOB SQRPANTS ZOODLES AND MUSTARD TEARS!!!! Which was accompanied by the image of a dramatically plated corndog.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t know who this witty chef is. Jacques la Merde is simply a pseudonym (roughly translating as Jack Shit), though an undeniably hilariously one if the 66,000+ followers are anything to go by. We’ll be waiting for this guy’s cook book!

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[Chef Jacques on Instagram via Travel and Leisure]

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