F1 launches an exclusive and awesome line of perfumes starting at $10000

What I first thought to be a 3D printed metal model of a heart (yes I am a self-confessed Grey’s Anatomy fan), is actually a perfume bottle. It’s no ordinary perfume; it’s the bottle of the new Formula 1perfume designed by industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. Designer Parfums is coming together with F1 to introduce the new fragrance brand, inspired by the world of Formula 1. The collection comprises of three exclusive limited edition pieces of 3D printed art uniting design, technology and a legendary tale of the brand. Love how the designer has worked out a design that’s so complex and inimitable, mimicking the complexities of advanced engineering of Formula 1 rather than just making it shaped like a car. The agile embrace bottle is a gold-plated, 3D-printed titanium bottle inspired by the F1 car’s structure and how it protects the driver. Next is Fluid Symmetry, which is directly influenced by the aerodynamic design of the car and third comes that shows through geometric complexities the engineering of the cars in Formula One.

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Priced up to $10,000, the collection of five interchangeable fragrances will be available only at the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 from November 29 to December 1, 2019, and then limited to 100 pieces that will be released over the course of 2020.


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