Fendi Buggies are this year’s cutest fashion accessories

There is a new fuzzy friend in town. And it’s called the Fendi Buggie! Buggies are adorable furry creatures that also happen to make the perfect winter accessories. Created as part of Fendi’s upcoming holiday collection, the colorful fuzz-balls are fit for amping up winter fashion with some lighthearted fuzz-tivity.

Featuring six super-cute pom-pom-faces, the Funny, the Snob, the Angry, the Savage, the Crazy, and the Playful, Fendi shows us how to do the best in bag charm revelry. The cuter-than-a-button buggies are seen in a 30-sec teaser doing everything from the cancan atop a clock, taking a drive with the top down to playing lovers with unabashed aplomb.

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For more of their furry adventures, you can meet them on November 5 at Fendi.com. Although, the best one does seem like the time their colorful, cuddly glory meets the bold black of an Haute Fendi.

Update – We spoke of amping up winter fashion with some lighthearted fuzz-tivity earlier, which is all very well except for all those sold-out buggies. I’d have said if you dare to wear your alter-buggie on your bag, you could purchase one for $700. But even with that bold price tag, these darn cuties ran out of Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and even FarFetch.com. Or was it the other way around! Still, if it counts, I’d sport a Kooky when I can. What would you?

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[Via – Refinery 29]

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