Fendi has introduced a luxury store concept with not one but three VIP rooms in Dubai

Fendi boutique at Doha international airport.

You cannot expect anything less than the best from a brand like Fendi. And in proving so, the marquee has introduced a novel luxury store concept that is all set to open in Dubai. It will include three swanky VIP rooms and a lot more! As the brand gears to reopen its boutique in the Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue after an expansion, the new outlet will bring double the selling space and a fleet of luxury amenities for shoppers. In all, the shop will include two floors now and will spread over a total of 7,560 square feet.

The fine jewelry room.

Most interestingly, it will feature three VIP rooms, located on the second floor — one dedicated to couture, the other to art de la table, and a third to bejeweled Peekaboo bags. Commenting on it, Serge Brunschwig, chairman and chief executive officer of Fendi in a statement said, “This is the true new generation flagship…This is a new world of retail. The Middle East is a very important area for us and Fendi’s positioning is super compatible with the region and its desire for true luxury.” In addition to the store’s expansion, the brand also aims to launch a fine jewelry section exclusively in Dubai.

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The leather goods room.

Similar to the luxe Dubai outlet, the brand also recently opened a store in the new wing of the Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar that is inspired by its headquarters in Rome’s Palazzo della Civiltà. Well, talk about an elevated shopping experience!

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