Ferragamo to embed microchips in shoes and bags to fight counterfeiters

Luxury brands have tried (and failed) to prevent counterfeiters from profiting off their brand names in the past, but Ferragamo’s new tactic may actually just work. The Italian company will supposedly insert microchips into their footwear and bags to ensure that potential customers always know that they’re buying the real thing.

The microchips will be inimitable and readable only at a distance of 4cm (so you need not worry about your movements being tracked). This move will also help the resale value of original Ferragamo merchandise as Greg Furman of the Luxury Market Council in New York, explained to The Times, “The people who can afford to spend thousands on a purse often get tired of them after six months and tend to sell them on eBay. More and more brands are realizing that there is resale value to their products that’s lost on eBay.” Any item outfitted with a microchip can easily be proved to be authentic and its resale value will be significantly higher.

The chips will not ruin the street cred of your favorite accessories as they will be located either in the heel of shoes or the lining of bags. If the brand manages to make their vision a reality, this may be the first step to cracking down on the counterfeit fashion industry.

[ Via : Vogue ]

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