Glory and Covid: Indian man ditches medical masks for a $4,000 mask made from pure gold

Medical masks are passé; it’s time to go for eye-ball grabbing gold masks! At least that’s what Shankar Kurade from the region of Pune, India is opting for. A plain-Jane medical mask just won’t match the other ample bling on his body. The man never leaves his house without thick gold chains strung on his neck and large rings occupying most of his fingers, so why should the mask be anything other than an ornamented, metallic mask that’s etched with special patterns and design. For obvious reasons, the man has been getting a lot of attention on Indian social media after photos of him wearing a solid gold face mask as protection against the coronavirus started doing the rounds. The gold-loving man admits that he has no idea if the mask offers any kind of protection against Covid-19 and that his metallic masks are punctured with tiny holes to make breathing easy. Shankar Kurade said,” I saw a video on social media of a man in Kolhapur wearing a silver mask and then an idea struck me to have a mask of gold, I talked to a goldsmith and he gave me this gold mask in a week.”

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This mask is made of pure gold weighs 50 grams and cost Kurade $3,900 for his. Whether it will save him from COVID-19 is unknown. Hope he doesn’t have to pay for his actions in cash and kind too. In a country that loves its gold and jewelry, we have often come across people who baffle us with their gold lust. Many years ago an Indian made the world’s first pure gold shirt worth $22,500.

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